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Center of Biochemical Engineering


The Center of Biochemical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart is located on the campus Vaihingen . Founded 1989, the Center hosts five biotechnology-oriented institutes from two faculties:

In the Center of Biochemical Engineering, 150 scientists with a broad expertise in the fields of molecular and microbiology, biochemistry, process engineering, and bioinformatics collaborate and offer their expertise to academic and industrial partners for biotechnological research, especially in strain, product, and process development. The Center focuses both on basic research and on applied research in collaboration with industrial partners. The bio pilot plant provides fermentation and downstream capacity up to the 300 L scale.

The institutes contribute to the courses "Technical Biology", "Chemical Engineering", "Chemistry" und "Environmental Engineering" with more than 200 graduates per year. Via the Center of Systems Biology and the excellence cluster "Simulation Technology" the Center of Biochemical Engineering is closely linked with the engineering institutes at the University of Stuttgart.